Life is full of unexpected roadblocks and every day challenges.

If you’ve ever experienced a dark time in your life, you know that a little compassion goes a long way.
Your support helps us change lives locally.

A donation makes a difference, makes you feel good,
and supports your community.
It’ll brighten everyone’s day!


Students Spreading Sunshine

The River Falls Sunshine fund is a student-originated & student lead non-profit organization
that originated to help a family going through a difficult time. These students quickly
learned there was an even greater need to help the community as a whole.


Of donation helps families

Serving the River Falls Community since 2016


Families helped

Everyone has hardships at some point in their lives.

Your donations have helped us provide families & individual with the things they need, at a time they need it most.

So many reasons to spread sunshine.
You can be a part of feel good moments like these:

The 5 Benefits of Giving:
Helping Others is Actually Good for You!

You may be wondering why giving away your precious
resources that you’ve worked so hard for will make you feel
better but it’s true. There are many benefits in the act of

Spreading Sunshine

A little sunshine can go a long way! Giving radiates positive mojo. Like going outside on a sunny day when those first rays of sunshine hit your face. The warmth starts a chain reaction that emanates throughout your entire body. When you give, it just makes your heart feel good to spread some of that sunshine around.

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Our Mission

We are a compassionate, student lead, non-profit organization with the goal of generating funds to give back to individuals and families facing hardship within our greater community.

Our Goal

Unify our schools, clubs, sports, and the community in a team effort to generate charitable funds for families and individuals in need..

The Giving Boost

Donating stimulates your endorphins, kind of like that first sip of coffee or soda in the morning. It lifts your spirits and benefits your health (and the subsequent warm fuzzies aren't too bad either). If you've ever been the recipient of giving, you know how it imparts a feeling of hope and respite from the struggles of life.

The Impact is Real

But giving is more than a feeling of euphoria from helping others, there's an actual societal benefit from creating a positive impact on someone else's life. Your altruism promotes community give-and-take, adds balance to a chaotic world, promotes individual cooperation, trust and gratitude. From the single parent needing a gas card to get to work, to gifting a child a warm coat for the winter, to financial assistance to keep the lights on, give local when you can. Your generosity is purposeful, with the potential to teach both young and old to serve their communities.

The Payback

Giving promotes a ripple effect. It's contagious. Paying it forward changes the world, one person, one family at a time. So spread the sunshine, and contact us for guidance on how you can invest in your community and make a local impact today.


Giving is contagious.

Create a ripple effect of generosity through your community.


Mail Donations to P.O. Box 163

River Falls WI, 54022


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